Life Skills for Teens


For many people, teenage years are the most challenging period of their lives.It is a time when your body will be transforming childhood to adulthood. This means you will be experiencing some new, unusual things on your body. This period usually occurs for many people when they are in high schools. To cope with the challenges of being a teen several life skills programs have been developed. The life skills for teens are usually taught in high schools and aim to-

Development of social skills is important for teens. Many people first leave their home when they join boarding high schools. For the first time in their lives, they do not have their parents to guide them on different social interactions. The education life skills aims to train these teens on communication skills, common courtesy and making new friends. Social skills are very important to all people as are applicable throughout the person’s life.

Management of peer influence is important too.  Without the supervision of parents, the next place teens look for guidance is from their friends. The teens are taught that they should always evaluate advice given by their peers. Also, they are taught on how to resist negative peer pressure. Teenagers are tempted into drugs and substance abuse. The educationlifeskills covers in details the adverse effects of taking alcohol and other drugs. Also, the curriculum covers the sexual intercourse education and the different ways to avoid teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Coping with adolescence -Teens will be experiencing uncomfortable physical and emotional body changes.This may result in mood swings for many teens such as temper, nervousness, and restlessness. The life skills education first assure the teens that the changes are common to all of them and there is nothing wrong with them. The program also teaches on how to control negative emotions.

The life skills education also trains teens on the self-control skills. Teenagers are taught that parents and teachers will not always be there to push them around. Therefore it is important to take control of their lives. The teens are taught the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, time management skills and the significance of being disciplined and having a great reputation.

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Some of the life-skills curricula for high school kids are nowadays including financial management lessons. Teens are being taught on how to manage their pocket monies. This is important are teenagers can learn about controlling expenses early in their lives.


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